Pervasive Hope

Dear Community Group Leader/Outreach Leader/Sports Group Leader,

In November, Pastor Miles will share exciting details about next steps for the Pervasive Hope campaign. And before this date Pastor Miles and our entire leadership team need your help!

In the Spring of 2012, the story of Pervasive Hope was just beginning. And since then you have already seen or heard about the incredible things God has been doing – those hope-establishing accomplishments happened because people like you prayed, listened to God¹s voice and responded, resulting in a wave of generosity never before seen in the history of our church.

NOW it’s time to keep moving forward to establish God’s Pervasive Hope in our city, country and world! We are excited to kick-off the second half of this campaign, and believe we are poised to do abundantly above and beyond what we could ask or imagine!

Here is where we need you help:

There are three short video messages/stories from Pastor Miles that we are asking each community group/outreach group/men’s group/ women’s group/etc. to watch sometime in the month of November. If you meet weekly, it’s ideal if you can watch one each week before or after you do your regular study/activity. If you meet less than weekly, just figure out what works best for you.

Our hope and prayer is that a large percentage of our church will watch these prior to Sunday, November 24. Fair warning: Be prepared to be inspired and touched.

Thank you for your partnership in accomplishing this vision as together, we reach “every street and every person” with the Pervasive Hope of Jesus Christ!

If you have any questions, please contact the Stewardship department at or 619.764.5265.